I'm extremely sad right now. 

I tried coping to mask the pain that I felt from losing you and all that it has done was postpone the pain. I’m so lost right now because I put so much love, hope, and emotion into our relationship. I miss speaking to you more than anything because i felt as if we were on the same wavelength.

It always hits me at night like this and it keeps me up. Usually I just write these into my notes but I can't keep my thoughts to myself. No one understood me the way that you did. Maybe our love was like a flame it pulled us together so fast but like a match we burned out. I think about you everyday and I wonder if you think about me. I'm sorry for everything that happened. I wanted everything to work out so desperately that I resulted to manipulating, blackmailing, and abusing you. When it wasn't necessary because you loved me and I loved you.

I still love you.


Don't be sad. Our love was for one another, true, but not just that. Ours was also a love of the universe. Open yourself up to the world and you will love again.


same wavelength, same bandwidth, same semaphore, same smoke signal

nothing's change.....embers flame resulting in white heat when

we meet. I love you. I love you. I love you, my good, pretty woman!


for real? you're writing this?

you would rather write this dumb shit than have sex with me?

this is really fuckin weird...

get a life


Throw away any alcoholic drink at home. Please listen to me.

I care a lot about you. Don't do anything foolish. With God's

help I'll do my best to make you happy.


Too late boy


not sad. there will just be another you eventually.

it's what happens every single time.

One of em will stick around.

too bad it wasn't you. not my problem.

I'm gonna have my babies and I'm gonna get my husband.

and we are gonna do EVERY THANG together.

we are gonna have a love that will make us sick and make everyone jealous.

My baby will be fat with the love that pours from me into his soul.

and I will thrive as I watch him up on my pedestal, and I will smile when he pulls me up there with him. 😘

He'll come.


I love you too stephen


Baby ... idc about the facts ... i just want to come home ...

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